Firefly Project

This is the Firefly Project

"Firefly" is a choice

Information about Firefly will reach all hospitals that have children's wards. It depends on their desire to apply and we create their "firefly".

For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a room for the "Firefly" space and conditions that do not need major repairs, but only decoration and retrofitting with furniture and equipment.

Only exceptionally, the project can organize light cosmetic repairs if the condition of the premises requires it. And, exceptionally, to participate in the provision of medical equipment and apparatus necessary for the normal operation of the department.

It is necessary for medical teams to want the change and to articulate their own ideas on how to make it happen in their department according to its specifics. We await their motivational letters on the foundation's email.

Through "Svetulka" we want to change the relationship and environment of hospital treatment, to motivate all parties in the treatment process to put the child and his best interest at the center at the highest standards. Along with this, we should make the institutions that are related to children's health care to play the role of a good and concerned country for its children.

Become part of the project by applying through the website form.

Criteria for

Selecting a partition to update

The foundation will select the children's ward according to the criteria of the "Firefly" project, considering the location and talking to the doctors and medics. On the foundation page a form has been published that all state hospitals in our country can use apply for the Firefly project by the end of this year.

Application conditions

Necessity of supplementing and/or modernizing the medical equipment and technique

For example, purchasing venoscopes, perfusors, aspirators, inhalers, etc., so that treatment methods meet modern European and world standards.

Need for renovation of the premises in the pediatric department.

"Svetulka" creates an architectural concept and an individual design project, through which to achieve a unified modern vision of the department, which places the child at the center of the healing process. The project includes repair, re-equipment and thematic painting of the walls so that the young patients overcome stress and fear more easily and recover faster.

Motivation to completely change the treatment environment

which has a key role in the recovery and well-being of patients – including adapting staff to the latest developments in the treatment of child patients.

Social effect of change

How many potential patients will benefit from these changes, for how many pediatricians will this change be significant.

Plans for the development of the department in the short and long term

Is it planned to change its purpose and is there an intention for another major repair in the next 5 years, etc.

The foundation's team and experts will evaluate the applications.

First a selection will be made of the applications received through the online platform and then the team will visit the departments so that they can select the most suitable department.

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