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Children's department "Svetulka" in the regional general hospital in Silistra is the second firefly in the gloomy conditions for children's healthcare in Bulgaria. The first is in the hospital in Aitos.

With the head of the department, Dr. Chumpalova, we chose a bright date for the opening - on the day of the Great Mother of God.

With new equipment, the intensive sector, the manipulation and 10 rooms for patients of different ages, the reception office and the spacious waiting room are colorful and friendly. As before, the For Good Foundation creates an environment that reduces the stress of the child patient and their family in a hospital that doesn't feel like a hospital.

About 120 children pass through the department every month.

The overhaul of pediatrics that began at the beginning of the year was about to become a saga. The children's department applied for #Svetulka and in mid-March we visited it for the first time. We recommended significant changes, including the creation of a waiting room, changing the colors of the flooring, organizing the spaces in the hospital rooms, setting up a kitchen area. It turned out that the complete renovation was started without a project.

In partnership with the Triaditsa Rotary Club - Sofia, we equipped the new space for the treatment of children with a venoscope, 2 patient monitors and a portable ultrasound machine with a printer. The foundation bought 3 infusion pumps, 3 hospital inhalers, a medical couch for the manipulation room. We added 7 refrigerators, 7 hot water jugs, 3 microwave ovens for each children's hospital room. We donated 20 beds with medical mattresses and another 6 medical mattresses for the available cribs plus lockers for personal belongings. With the beds, of course, we also provided 20 sets of linen for the large beds and 6 sets for the baby beds. We have created coziness in the rooms with children's tables and chairs, play areas with wall toys according to the age of the patient children. In each room there are blinds, a kitchenette, a dining area with a drop-down table and chairs for the parents. For the waiting room, we bought two patient benches and made a play and entertainment area.

And so we came to the last part of the project - painting the walls. A jungle of cheerful and colorful animals and plants appeared on the walls in all the rooms and in the ward lobby. Because, as Bulgarian children's health care must finally learn, doctors treat the child's body, but they must also take care of his spiritual health. With attitude and with a treatment environment.

The value of the #Svetulka in Silistra is approximately BGN 53,000. Leading the project were the artist Polly Troyanova, a member of the Board of Directors of the "For Good" Foundation, and arch. Magdalena Slavova.

Thank you to all donors and volunteers!

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