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The campaign for the repair of the department for intestinal parasites at the infectious disease clinic in UMBAL "St. Georgi" - Plovdiv started in 2020.

The only infectious disease clinic in southern Bulgaria, which has the necessary conditions, has been in a terrible state for years. It's inexcusable, but it's a fact.

The staff works in these conditions with infectious patients every day - dangerous to the health of the medics, and often aggressive.

We chose the department of intestinal parasites because you have to start somewhere. But also because children are most often admitted to this ward.

In three months, we collected the funds for the repair of the department - BGN 30,000, through People, companies and organizations from all over the country and abroad got involved. We provided replacement of all the joinery, paint and plaster, replacement of lighting, switches and sockets. We have started a major renovation. Vendor selection decisions were made by an initiative committee of campaign volunteers.

5 of the 12 hospital rooms are completely ready. However, the renovation was forcibly stopped after the declaration of the state of emergency due to the pandemic. It is about to be completed.

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