The Children of Heroes Fund is giving a grant to a 4 year-old child.

Today we accepted one more child to the Fund. A 4-year old. At the start of the year she lost her mother, a nurse. We hoped so much that there will be no more children in the fund. That there are no more. We hoped so hard.

With this little girl the children of the Fund are 26. Too many losses, irreplaceable lives, too many broken hearts of children.

Participants in the Public Council:

Svilena Georgieva– Executive Director of „Za Dobroto“ Foundation
Veselina Yordanova – representative of BCause Foundation
Petar Velkov – pedagogue, mathematician, crisis management expert
Ralitsa Nedyalkova, M.D.  – childrens anesthesiologist
Nikola Rachnev – creator of
Vanya Karadzhova – member of the Board of Directors of „Za Dobroto“ Foundation

We are paying out the grants thanks to your contributions. The Fund exists only through you!

Thank you!


You can support us:


a text to 17777 with the words DMS GEROI,

or via,


or directly to the bank account of:

„Za Dobroto“ Foundation

reason: Children of Heroes Fund (Фонд за децата на Герои)

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD


IBAN: BG91RZBB91551012773591

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