What we have done so far for "Firefly" in Veliko Tarnovo

The renovation of the children's ward at MOBAL "Dr. Stefan Cherkezov" in Veliko Tarnovo has overcome its dustiest phase.

The drama of removing the old flooring was solved in the best way: our partners from the Rotary Club - Veliko Tarnovo were able to organize themselves in a flash and remove the flooring. Underneath it, however, as with any such intervention, even older layers appeared - tiles, old screeds and other previous improvements, which shifted, crumbled and it became clear that a leveling screed would have to be done. Here, to our great joy, Baumit Bulgaria got involved with a donation of all the necessary materials for leveling the floor. We thank Slav Slavov from RIS EOOD for the financial assistance provided to pay for the work on leveling the floor. You guys are great!

Now is the time to introduce our super builder-Firefly Miro, Grand Masters SLTD. Miro is not only a builder, he is a true restorer. He does everything with attention, perfectionism and great responsibility towards children. As he himself told us, "you'll regret hiring me, I'm a perfectionist." But we have no regrets!

We are now at the stage of closing and plastering, preparing the walls for paint and the floor for laying the new flooring.

In such a complex facility, where a completely new air conditioning system is installed, pipes and radiators are replaced, new oxygen and vacuum lines are built, internet and TV cables are laid, a completely new electrical system is built, a fire alarm system is built, new sanitary facilities, kitchenettes with sinks - all this requires very good coordination and strict observance of the technological stages. To make it good, really good and sustainable, because that's how we do it for the kids!

We thank our architect-Svetulka Magdalena Slavova, who visits the "Svetulka" departments in Veliko Tarnovo and in Lovech almost every week, makes countless projects and drawings so that we can deal with all the surprises along the way.

We thank our partners from the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation and the Rotary Club - Veliko Tarnovo for their support!

We thank Dr. Tochkov and senior nurse Koleva for their cooperation and patience. The department is currently operating at half capacity and treating 20 children.

We are still looking for help to fund two suspended ceilings, so if you are willing to donate funds or materials in kind that would be great!

For anyone who wants to support the "Firefly" project - "a hospital that doesn't look like a hospital", you can help us in any of the following ways:

  • By donating via bank transfer here:

Owner: Foundation For Good

IBAN Number: BG89UBBS81551012773591


Base: Firefly

  • By purchasing an item with a cause #Firefly:


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