We’re beginning the #Firefly project. Photo exhibition „Children hospitals Bulgaria 2021“

„My name is Lora. I was hospitalized there with my daughter some time back. I lived in a true nightmare. I don’t wish it to anyone. It was like a true prison, like in a horror movie. Squalor, leaking pipes and sinks where you wash your feet together with your hands. The toilet door was not closing and everyone was looking at you. There were bars on the windows – like in prison. And they told us this was the „best room in the department“.

This is one of the many stories we received. One of many mothers who share about their stay in children’s hospital departments. Lora’s child. Ani’s child. Joro’s child. Our child. Your child. Bulgarian children.

Bulgarian children are being treated in hospital departments that do not adhere to any standards. Not today’s standards, or the ones 50 years ago, there are no standards at all! Departments are full of dirt, mold, and cockroaches. They are forgotten by a country that should take care of the future. Of the children.

Foundation „Za Dobroto“ is starting the „Firefly“ campaign.

„Firefly“ will try to change the environment in those departments. To bring courage to children, parents, doctors, and medical personnel.
„Firefly“ is our way to say that this cannot continue anymore. „Firefly“ will show to everyone how big this issue is. So we can ask for change as a society. To make the government change the children healthcare.

We start with this exhibition. So everyone can see the light „Firefly“ sheds on the dark reality in which our children are being treated. So that everyone can see the good examples in the world around us – this is what we want for our environment and the attitude towards hospitalized children.

Let’s become Fireflies #forthechildren.

The photo exhibit will take place in front of the „Ivan Vazov“ National theater.

If you would like to support the Foundation „Za Dobroto“ and the „Firefly“ project, you can donate to the donation account of the foundation:
Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria
IBAN: BG91RZBB91551012773591
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