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The "For the Good" Foundation donated equipment to support the efforts of the medical teams of the SBAL on children's diseases "Prof. Dr. Ivan Mitev".

Chronic difficulties for the hospital are intensified by the wave of Covid-19, which also affects children. This is the specific reason for the donation. It was organized a few hours after the meeting of the chairperson of the foundation, Kremena Kuneva, with the head of the children's Covid-19 department, Dr. Margarita Ganeva.

The Covid sector in the hospital has 5 beds, two of them are neonatal. All 5 beds are occupied. Two of the children are in intensive care and are fighting for their lives. In recent weeks, every day children have been waiting for hospitalization – one of the small patients has to be discharged so that another can attend. The Covid sector is "assembled with improvised means" - from the available equipment and human resources in the hospital. Both are woefully inadequate. In order to have some equipment for the children's covid department, it was taken from other departments where children have other severe diagnoses. It is the same with the doctors and nurses.

The Covid sector had an urgent need for equipment worth BGN 20,316. Providing it with a public procurement, as is known, is a long procedure, and child patients and doctors are racing against time.

We have provided:

  • 3 infusion syringe pumps with additional SafeDose function, model BeneFusion eSP, Mindray, also applicable to premature children;
  • 3 infusion syringe pumps, model BeneFusion eSP, Mindray, also applicable to premature babies;
  • 1 patient monitor MEC 12, Mindary, intended for intensive care and intensive care units - from newborns to adult patients;
  • 1 electric portable vacuum cleaner, model HomeJet 1000R, Spencer with built-in rechargeable battery for 45-60 min. autonomous operation;
  • 1 children's inhaler;
  • 1 electronic scale for babies and children;
  • 1 ECG device;
  • 1 portable pulse oximeter.

The donation is worth BGN 19,351.81.

The foundation used BGN 9,383 for the purchase of the equipment - a remnant of the Covid-19 campaign at the beginning of the pandemic.
The remaining BGN 9,968 was provided by donors between October 7 and 12, after we announced the campaign on Facebook.

In the previous wave, the proportion of hospitalized children was 4%, now it is 10%. Since the beginning of the current wave, 66 children have passed through the ward. 6 of them were on oxygen therapy in the intensive care unit. Until now, there has been no death of a child from the virus in this hospital. We hope so.

Let's protect the children!

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