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# Children's hospitals in Bulgaria 2021 – the monster under the power's bed. With this campaign we want to draw attention to the inhumane conditions in children's hospital wards. The photographs and testimonies of parents and their children's nightmares are the mirror in which politicians must look.

We want more people to see what children's hospital wards are like in an EU country in the 21st century. We want everyone who has been ruling for the last 30 years to be very ashamed. We want to mobilize society to put pressure on the state until our children receive modern health care in a healing environment with adequate care. We want an environment where pediatricians only think about the child's health.

We started the campaign in election month because children's health care is practically absent from the election programs and platforms of most parties.

Sick children lie in rooms with mold, rust, cobwebs, dirt and cockroaches, fallen plaster, chipped tiles, greasy mosaic floors, broken beds packed like a barracks, stinking communal toilets, missing taps and showers, ragged bed linen that boils life, missing equipment, malfunctioning equipment. Parents sleep in chairs or don't sleep at all for days to prevent their sick baby from being hurt by the unsecured bed that has long been trashed. They are quick to forget the nightmare as soon as their child is discharged.

After several renovations of children's hospital wards with volunteers and donations, we know how it is done and how much it costs. Although this is not our job, it is the duty of the hospital bosses, the municipalities and the state. If they don't know, we will tell them, we will support them. The excuse "they will break it again, they will steal it again" is not an argument for continuing the outrage.

The first stage of the campaign will end with a public event after the constitution of the new National Assembly. Expect it.

Until then, share so more people can learn. Submit photos and stories of your children's stay in the miserable children's hospital rooms.

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