Donate to the children, A1 will double

the double power of good for "Svetulka" children's wards

"For the Good" Foundation and A1 are teaming up for a new donation campaign for the "Firefly" project. The telecom will match any donation its customers wish to make towards the renovation of a children's hospital ward in 2024.

The campaign "Donate to the children, A1 will double" starts today and will continue until December 31, 2023. On the My A1 page, all users can choose how much to donate and the service to which the amount will be added. It will be reflected in their current account and charged to the next invoice. Any donation will be doubled at the expense of the mobile operator.

What will we do with the donated funds?

We will inspire double the power of good and together we will achieve greater positive change, say the creators of the campaign from A1. The telecom team and its customers are participating for the second year in a row in the "Firefly" project.

The funds are intended for the creation of a cozy, cheerful and colorful treatment environment instead of the familiar oppressive atmosphere in the Bulgarian children's hospital wards. World practice has long proven that creating a welcoming children's space has a beneficial effect on the treatment process and accelerates the child's recovery. This is the Firefly Project - a hospital that doesn't look like a hospital. When we started changing pediatric wards 3 years ago, we couldn't imagine how many hospitals across the country would want to get involved, recalls the foundation team.

In March 2024, the foundation will choose the next ward to transform with the funds collected from the Donations to Children, A1 will double campaign. The experts of "For the Good" will identify the most suitable department among the willing municipal or state hospitals.

You can find more about Project "Firefly" here:

What we have achieved together so far

During the Christmas campaign with the cause "We're rounding up for good", for every account payment through My A1, the company rounded up the amount to the nearest lev on its account in favor of the "Firefly" project. During the campaign, thanks to all the payments made through My A1, we collected the sum of BGN 85,000. After the end of the campaign, A1 donated the entire amount for the renovation of the material base and development of the emotional environment in the children's ward of the "Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment - Karnobat" .

The foundation already has a "Grandma's Garden" project ready and approved by the hospital. for the renovation of the department, which annually serves 600 children. The project includes:

  • Refurbishment of the ward's inpatient unit, which has 16 rooms in two types, providing accommodation for 19 single beds and 7 mixed accommodation.
  • Construction of fully equipped kitchenettes, wardrobes for storing personal belongings, in which the parent/accompanier can store his personal belongings.
  • Building a children's corner where children can play and remind them of their natural environment.
  • Complete refurbishment of ward corridor to make it more welcoming and complete replacement of ward flooring.
  • Provision of new equipment and materials for the work of medics, whose co-financing in the amount of BGN 37,000 is provided by the hospital itself.

All the colors for "Grandma's Garden" are specially selected to calm patients and help them recover faster. The project is expected to be fully completed in 2024, when the renovated children's ward will start accepting small patients.

You can support Svetulka children's wards by donating in any of the following ways with reason: "A1 - Firefly'