Venoscope Campaign

This campaign doesn't look like closing soon. Poli Troyanova, as always, has managed to transform a bad experience into something positive. Poli says that venoscopes are needed:
"I spend a lot of time in a hospital with my youngest son, who is 1 year old. Finding a child's vein is no easy task. After several unsuccessful attempts, the child feels stressed and in pain. So are his parents. The procedure, which can sometimes be critical, can get delayed with all associated risks.

A venoscope can find children's veins much easier than an experienced professional can. It's a high-end medical equipment working with infrared light. Small veins are visible on a monitor and the medical professional can assess which vein to use for a cannula or another procedure, rather than making a best guess.

When we left the hospital the venoscope stayed on my mind. And so in an interview with Victoria Boyadzhieva from NovaTV I spoke of it once more. In my mind I already had a plan for a campaign.
Immediately after the interview broadcast I got a call from a company a lady called with a proposal for her company to make a donation.
We donated the first venoscope – the best on the market, the VIVO 500S model with a stand and a battery for portable use. It's already in the National Cardiology Hospital in Sofia in the Paediatrics' Department Intensive Care Unit.

The next two venoscopes will be donated to the MBAL St. Anna Hospital in Varna in their Paediatrics' Clinic and the MOBAL Stefan Cherkezov Hospital in Veliko Tarnovo in their Paediatrics Department. We expect the deliveries soon.

All three machines are provided by anonymous donors."

Is there more to follow? Definitely.


Special thanks go to Antonios Sotirakis for the provided photos.