To all who deny the COVID-19 threat

Today is November 3rd, 2021 and the Children of Heroes Fund offers monthly grants to 25 children of medical workers and educators who died in the pandemic.

The meaning behind showing you the numbers in this report is to ask everyone to think about what is happening in our society: an unbearable number of pointless deaths that can be prevented.

The parents of the 25 children were doctors, nurses and educators. The youngest one is a 4-year-old boy.

16 children have lost a parent who was an educator. Those are the children of 13 teachers.

8 children have lost a parent who was a doctor. Those are the children of 5 doctors.

1 child has lost a parent who was a nurse.

Some of those children have lost both their parents who were doctors. Two 5-year-old twin girls. Only their grandmother is taking care of them now.

Until now we have given 229 monthly scholarships of 500 BGN each – a total of 114,500 BGN.

A mother and a father cannot be compensated with money. The material support for the children is a gesture of gratitude in memory of their parents, who became victims of the pandemic while serving their duty to society. Now it's time that this same society accepts the facts, the pain, and the loss and makes sure that this does not happen again.

If we don't want to think about ourselves, let's think about our children. Think, people! Don't believe the fake news and the propaganda that denies the virus, the safety measures, and the vaccines. This is a hybrid war against life and society.

Let's not allow our children to grow without parents!

A year ago we did not have this choice. Now we do.

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