The fund for the children of teachers and medical workers who died of Covid-19 has turned 1

26 children whose world has been turned upside down by the death of a parent. Some of them lost both their parents. These are the children of our Fund. Every month we provide grants of 500 BGN (6000 BGN per child on an annual basis) in order to minimize material worries, but mostly so they don't feel alone after the untimely death of a parent. Their mothers and fathers, who are teachers, doctors and medical workers, cared for all of us during the initial waves of the pandemic and lost their lives as a result. This Fund is our way to thank them and honor their memory and commitment.

During the last 12 months the Fund became a cause for a lot of contributors. It hasn't been easy to raise funds for the grants. It will not be easy in the coming years until the children become of age or graduate high school. Some of the Fund's children are 3,4 or 5 year-olds. In the first year we found not only contributors but allies.

The actor Alek Alexiev is an ambassador for the children of the Fund as well as an ambassador and ally of Za Dobroto Foundation.

Alek and NO BLINK studio came up with, organized and created a pro bono video for the Fund so that more people can learn about what we do and its value and become supporters if they want or can do so.

We shot the video at the end of December. At that time the Fund's children were 25. A week ago they became 26. One more parent left their child too early and irrevocably.

The video features actors and non-actors, children and adults. The loss of a parent moved every heart. Everyone cried on set.

We would like to thank Alek and NO BLINK studio, as well as actors Gergana Galabova and Yasen Dimitrov, Aya Aleksiev and Alexander Aleksiev, Dimitrina and Julia Spirovi, the director Jordan Chichikov and the team members Kiril Prodanov, Dimitar Prodanov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Viktoria Radoslovova, Veselin Zografov and Boyan Dechev.

If you would like to support the fund we ask that you please share the video via a media outlet, if you can. We would be grateful if you could do so pro bono. You can also premiere it, share more about the Fund and share the Fund's bank account:

"Za Dobroto" Foundation
Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
IBAN: BG89UBBS81551012773591
To the Children of Heroes Fund

We know that being good can be contagious and is never in vain.

Happy Holidays!

Foundation "Za Dorboto",

Kremena, Dimitrina, Mariela, Poli, Nadezhda, Svilena, Vanya and Jana

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