The Fund for the Children of Heroes adopted two 5-year-old children.

Today, two 5-year-old children become scholarship recipients of the Fund for Heroes' Children. Unfortunately, they are complete orphans. They lost both their parents. Both medics.

We haven't had an easier solution. But that's the only easy thing in the whole story.
Fonda's children are now 25. 25 children's destinies that changed radically. Children who have to learn to live without their parents. To keep growing, learning, dreaming. BGN 12,500 are their monthly stipends.

All of them, we all need you! Tell about the Fund to your employers, to your friends, share about us! If someone is looking for a cause, offer them ours! Keep supporting us!
You can do it:
or by SMS to the number 17777 with the text DMS GEROI,
or through,
or directly to the account of:
For Good Foundation
Foundation: Fund for the Children of Heroes
Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD
IBAN number: BG91RZBB91551012773591

The following participated in the Public Council today:
1. Svilena Georgieva – Executive Director of the "For the Good" Foundation
2. Veselina Yordanova – representative of the Bikouz Foundation
3. Petar Velkov – teacher, mathematician, crisis management expert
4. Dr. Ralitsa Nedyalkova - pediatric anesthesiologist
5. Nikola Rahnev - creator of ""
6. Vanya Karadjova - member of the Board of Directors of the "For Good" Foundation

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