Project "For The Good"


Our mission is to enforce a high standard for children's health care and education.

We mobilize donors and volunteers to modernize the treatment and education environment for children, protect children's rights and restore trust between children and their parents and pediatric specialists and teachers.

We develop civic sensitivity to children's health care and education.

We act with urgency because every day counts and every child's life is priceless.

For The Good Foundation exists as a legal entity since December 2020, but its activity began in 2019 as an informal civil initiative Project #ZaDobroto, which unites already over 12,000 volunteers and donors throughout the country, as well as Bulgarians living abroad.

The causes of Project #For The Good and the "For Good" Foundation respond to public needs and deficits.

We work conscientiously and transparently. We report every action to donors and the media during every campaign.

Our impact

In a cozy and friendly environment, treatment of children is faster and more effective, doctors and staff are more motivated. Hundreds of scientific publications and years of experience around the world show that the treatment environment has a key impact on the recovery and well-being of patients.

Painted walls and personalized spaces help child patients ease through the treatment process.

A friendly environment helps to overcome anxiety. Reassures patients and their families; children redirect their attention, fear and crying decrease.

The friendly environment promotes interaction and communication between the medical staff, children and their families - the fairy tale world on the walls facilitates communication with the child in a language accessible to him, with which he can non-traumatically perceive medical manipulations and planned activities.

A friendly environment improves working conditions. It positively affects the interaction with patients and the motivation and mobilization of staff; eases communication.

Our method

Individualized projects for every children's hospital ward in Bulgaria. We change the room using colors and therapeutic drawings on the walls. We create a fairy-tale environment appropriate for the age of the child patients.

We create individual projects for painting the walls for each room of the children's department in the concept of a common vision with the others.

We supply with medical equipment and technique adequate to the time and needs.

In appropriate rooms, we place libraries with literature for the different ages of the child patients. Part of the libraries is dedicated to books for parents.

We organize special wardrobes in the children's wards for clothes and consumables for socially disadvantaged children of all ages, as well as for children deprived of parental care.

We work closely with the staff of the chosen hospital to create a change fully adapted to the needs of the particular hospital and its patients.

How we fund our campaigns

Until the establishment of the foundation, Project #ZaDobroto implemented 9 successful campaigns related to children's health and education and in support of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since its establishment, the foundation has carried out 6 successful campaigns. At the end of 2020, the foundation created the "For the Children of Heroes" Fund to support the minor children of doctors, medics and teachers who died of Covid-19 in Bulgaria. The fund gives monthly scholarships to children to continue their education with less financial difficulties. 28 children are scholarship recipients of the fund as of January 2022. Funding for the campaigns is provided in a completely transparent manner by individual and corporate donors. Fundraising is done through donation campaigns and charity events to support the foundation's initiatives. Donations are made entirely by bank transfer in compliance with Bulgarian legislation and European regulations. The foundation accounts for the donated funds with full transparency during the campaigns, after their end and in its annual reports. Among the donors for the foundation's campaigns are some of the largest companies with a high reputation in Bulgaria