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The Hero Children's Fund provides scholarships of BGN 500 per month/ BGN 6,000 per year to the children of doctors, medics and teachers who died of Covid-19 while fulfilling their professional mission.

The fund was created in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic in 2020, when dozens of doctors, medics and teachers lost their lives. They continued to treat us and educate the children despite the threat. They left their children. Their children lost a parent.

The scholarships are our thanks for the parents' sacrifice. Material cannot be comfort, but support is needed for families. With these funds, we want to help their children continue to develop and educate.

Partners in the campaign are the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Hospital Association.

Media partners are the Bulgarian National Radio, the health platform, the newspapers 24 chasa and Sega, the sites, Segabg,

We founded the fund together with the teacher Petar Velkov and the BCause Foundation: In aid of charity.

We are supported by the organizations "", "Caps for the future", "On the first line", volunteers and donors.

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    Answer the letters of the children of heroes

    and inspired them to keep dreaming and developing

    During the entire period of existence of the Fund for the children of heroes have been paid

    741 scholarships with a total value of BGN 370,500.

    For 2021
    254 monthly stipends paid
    total value BGN 127,000.
    For 2022
    321 monthly stipends paid
    total value BGN 160,500.
    Until 31.08.2023
    210 monthly stipends paid
    total value BGN 105,000.

    At the end of 2023, the scholarship recipients of the fund are 25 children aged 5 to 18 from all over the country. They will receive the funds until they reach the age of majority or until they graduate from high school.

    Every year we organize fundraising campaigns until all the children of the fund come of age. Our task is becoming increasingly difficult. On the one hand, the topic of Covid is unpleasant for people and they do not want to return to it. On the other hand, in recent years we have been faced with more challenges, some of them more terrible and urgent - floods, earthquakes, wars.

    Therefore, it is becoming increasingly clear to us that it is necessary to provide sustainable help for these children, and so we created the program Become a mentor to a child from the Fund. In this way, a donor - private or corporate - has the opportunity to take care of the maintenance of one child until the end of the period. To our great happiness, we already have the first mentor who has chosen to support one of the Fund's youngest children until he completes his secondary education.

    On the Facebook page of the fund, we tell you their stories: Fund #zadesatanaHeroi | Facebook. We will support them as they grow. Concerned, with attention and with delicacy.

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