#ZaDobroto Project

Good in contagious. Good in never in vain.

Our mission is to set a high standard for children healthcare and education.

We organize donors and volunteers in order to modernize the treatment and education environment for children, to protect their rights and to restore the trust between the children and their parents, and the pediatric specialists and teachers.

We develop civic sensitivity to children’s healthcare and education.

We act with urgency because every day matters and every child’s life is priceless.

“Za Dobroto” Foundation exists as a legal entity since December 2020 but its activity began in 2019 as an informal civil initiative called #ZaDobroto Project that now unites more than 12 000 volunteers and supporters living both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The causes of #ZaDobroto Project and “Za Dobroto” Foundation respond to public needs and deficits.

We work earnestly and transparently. We report on all our activities in front of our supporters and the media during every campaign.

The founders of the foundation are 8 women, who are managers, journalists, artists. They are among the creators of the national civil initiative “For a Real Children’s Hospital” („За истинска детска болница“) who submitted a petition to the Bulgarian parliament for the building of a modern pediatrics hospital according to the highest standards for children’s health and treatment.

“Za Dobroto” Foundation and #ZaDobroto Project hold numerous awards for civic activism and protection of children’s rights. Founder of the #ZaDobroto Project and chair of the “Za Dobroto” Foundation is Kremena Kuneva.

Check out and/or download in PDF format: Presentation of Za Dobroto Project