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Foundation For Good

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Slaveyko Jambazov 

Member of the Control Board

Dr. Slaveiko Jambazov has international experience in health policy consulting, hospital network management, health insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturing, strategic planning and marketing. He holds a doctorate in health technology assessment, an MBA from the American University in Bulgaria and a master's degree in medicine and public health. Consultant in health technology assessment, pharmacoeconomics, real-world data and patient outcome measurement with over 15 years of experience.

Dr. Sibila Marinova

Member of the Control Board

Dr. Sibila Marinova - a great doctor and person. Dr. Marinova is the head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the multidisciplinary regional hospital in Veliko Tarnovo. She is the regional donor coordinator for the North Central region, and the regional hospital has been a donor base for over 10 years. Thanks to Dr. Marinova and her team, dozens of donor situations have been realized, and more than 100 human lives have been saved.


Member of the Control Board

I am a mother of two girls. I have a small business and love meeting people. I joined the # project for good, because I see a sense in a person making an effort to change something and even if it is small, putting heart and soul into it.


Member of the Control Board

I am the mother of a wonderful wild daughter, for whom I dream to be a good example. I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for as long as I can remember. I have encountered many injustices, which I have a great intolerance for. Project #For Good gave me hope that I myself can be part of the change. I strongly believe that there should be an active civil society. I want to be a part of it!

Jared Mitchell

Member of the Control Board

Jared Mitchell has been our friend and like-minded person since the very beginning of the creation of the Situation Center, where our efforts to help Ukrainian citizens who sought protection in Bulgaria were concentrated. He and his wife are New Zealand citizens, but that hasn't stopped them from fundraising in their homeland, creating humanitarian aid campaigns, providing us with technical support because they are IT professionals. Jared is the co-founder of Topvine Consulting. Possesses a keen eye for recognizing and capitalizing on new business opportunities and is adept at creating strong partnerships and alliances that drive revenue growth.


Chairman of the "For Good" Foundation

My energetic and extremely optimistic nature convinced me that an uncompromising spirit is my strongest point. I cannot, do not want and will not believe that children's health care in Bulgaria can remain at this level. I strongly believe that with small steps and persistence we will achieve change and build something better for our children - a safe, calm and positive environment during their stay in hospital facilities. I am a mother of two amazing children. I love children, nature and delicious food.


Firefly Project Coordinator

I am a mother of two boys and I have a wonderful family. My profession is a restorer, but this is also my way of thinking. Very often, when I see something, I imagine it in its best light. So it is with paintings and icons, and also with buildings and the care of children in hospitals. I joined Project # for Good because I believe in the power of doing things together. From that moment on, I got another family!


Deputy Chairman of the "For Good" Foundation

I am a mother of two children. I am a freelance journalist by profession. I participate in Project # for good, because I believe that my role as a citizen does not end with paying taxes. In one of the smart books it was written that people know each other not by their words, but by their deeds.


Firefly Project Coordinator

I am a creator at heart, mostly a photographer. Life blessed me with a wonderful family and two impressive children. About #For Good - fate knows its job. I believe that nothing is accidental. Doing good is invigorating, especially when you are part of such an inspiring team. Seeing your efforts change destinies is a privilege. Goodness is a longing for happiness, and I dream of seeing more happy faces!

Magdalena Slavova

Chief Architect "Firefly" Project

Olga Irzhitskaya

Coordinator Integration Center "For the Good"

Maria Mihailova

Administration and finance specialist