Required Application Documents

Required Application Documents

Which children are the grants intended for? 

  • For children who lost a parent – medical worker or teacher, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The children must not be older than 18 or completed high school.
  • If the disposable personal income per household member is not above ½ of the average gross salary for the country according to data from the National Statistics Institute for the last quarter.
  • If the child does not receive a grant from another fund or organization amounting t0 BGN 500 with the exception of state payments.

How to apply?

  • Via an application submitted by a parent/guardian, the child’s teacher or the mayor of the municipality the child resides in.
  • By providing documents verifying the conditions to approve a grant:
  • copy of the death certificate of the diseased parent;
  • case history proving Covid-10 as the cause of death;
  • official confirmation by the place of work of the diseased parent;
  • official confirmation of the income of the living parent/guardian;
  • official confirmation of the child’s educational institution;
  • declaration by the parent/guardian that the child is not a recipient of a similar grant;
  • certificate of birth for the child or a guardianship certificate.
  • Declaration of agreement for the provision of personal data – addendum 1.
  • Bank confirmation for an active bank account to receive the grant upon approval of the candidate by the Public Council.

Procedure for approving the grants:

  • The scanned documents need to be sent to: Upon confirmation that nothing further is required at this stage the original can be send.
  • The Fund’s Public Council receives and reviews the documents if they meet the conditions listed above.
  • The Public Council may require additional information should the documents be incomplete.
  • The Public Council confirms the decision to award the monthly grants at a regular meeting held at least once every 3 months. The Public Council meets extraordinarily if there are 3 or more grants applications. Decisions are announced personally to the parent and child and are published on the Fund’s website.
  • “Za Dobroto” Foundation sings a contract of donation to all recipients of the grant.
  • Upon high school graduation or reaching 18 years of age grants are terminated.
  • If the Fund does not have the full amount for all grants the available funds will be fairly distributed between the children that are subjects of funding.
  • There is no deadline for applying. The grant is bound to the Covid-19 epidemic. Once it is over no further documents shall be accepted.
  • Upon approval of the Public Council a grant contract is drawn up, the grant is payed out between the 1st and 5th of every month, following the month of the meeting if a signed and sent contract is available in original. If the contract receival is delayed the grant is payed out after it is received.
  • The Fund reserves the right to follow the child’s development.
  • The Fund operates in full transparency and accountability of every meeting.
  • Every year the Fund makes a full report of received donations as well as allowed and payed out grants.
  • Every benefactor has the right to check the regularity of the grants’ payments.
  • The grant receivers and their parents make a commitment to take part in events, organized by the Fund, in order to promote support of the children of medical workers and teachers.

We ask you to share briefly the story of a family who lost a parent so we can share it on our campaign’s page or the group’s Facebook page:, as well as the Foundation’s webpage

The story will be shared in the same style as already submitted publications on the Fund’s Facebook page.

This information is necessary to present to benefactors. No children names or faces are shared. The text will be agreed with you prior to publication.