#Za dobroto in support of the Ukraine refugees


we follow the war in Ukraine with pain and anguish, and from day one we think about ways we can help. We considered not just how to be useful, but also how to support as effectively as possible the hundreds of families who were forced to leave their homes, leave their jobs, dress their children and flee to Bulgaria with a single backpack to save themselves from the war. They are our brothers, sisters, and children, and this war has turned into a war against civilization.

Those who arrive, but also those who stay there, need the support and strength of the good in us.

We believe that human goodness is stronger than missiles, tanks, and bombs, and as long as we can, we will fight for this faith with all available resources.

We did not start the campaign on the first day, as many organizations had already done so. Too many campaigns can create unnecessary noise and hinder people.

However, today, after many conversations with people and organizations supporting Za Dobroto Foundation who are familiar with our manner of work in a state of emergency and the reporting of our results, we held a general meeting and are launching a campaign led by the following motives:

  • We will be able to buy and send what is needed for refugees from Ukraine who arrive in Bulgaria very quickly and efficiently.
  • We will be able to create our own coordination in support of the already launched large campaigns, which are more difficult to manage.
  • We can help with the experience that we have gained from this type of activity by being a trusted partner.
  • We will be able to guarantee the spending of the donated funds as far as this is possible in an emergency situation and in extreme conditions.
  • We will make a support campaign with commitments to specific things and effective control over them.

What the campaign funds will be used for:

  • For consumable items, food, medicine, accommodation, belongings, and services that ensure a proper stay of Ukrainian refugees in our country.
  • For consumable items and materials for the people left to fight for their country, and for transport to Ukraine. It should be made clear that outside the EU, the delivery of this aid will be difficult. We will do our best to check on the people we work with, but in times of war sometimes it will be impossible to control everything.
  • We will organize the provision of medical care for the children, women, and men who arrived in our country in coordination with hospitals, which are our partners. If necessary, we will only provide funds for treatment if it cannot be taken over by the medical institution.
  • Any other activities that may be necessary for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria.

Choose this campaign if your heart tells you so!  Or choose another one from the other amazing initiatives of other civil society organizations in Bulgaria.

All that matters is that the good is more, much more than the bad.


For donations to the account of Za Dobroto Foundation:

IBAN (BGN): BG08RZBB91551014249388

Holder: Za Dobroto Foundation

Reason: support for Ukraine / Ukraine

Together with our partners from the BCause Foundation: in support of charity, the campaign is also open on the following platform: https://platformata.bg/…/1534:4263…/details/campaign.html
Here you can donate to a bank account, through the PayPal system, with a credit or debit card, and with CAF America.

The good is stronger!

Glory to Ukraine!