First Meeting of the Public Council

First Meeting of the Public Council

18th December, 2020.

The Public Council has passed a decision to allow grants for 7 children, who lost a medical worker or a teacher parent in the battle with Covid-19 in Bulgaria.
As of January 1st 2021  those children will be receiving 500 BGN on a monthly basis throughout the year.
According to the general conditions of the Fund the grants will be renewed yearly until the children become of age or until they graduate high school. If the Fund is not able to provide the full monthly amount of 500 BGN – the available funds will be evenly distributed between the children.

Today 1-year grants were approved for:

– two children, 5 and 7 years old whose father Dr. G. died of Covid-19.
– two children, 9 and 11 years old who lost their mother K.V. (a teacher)
– a 16 year-old child who lost its mother A.P. (a teacher). Unfortunately the child is now an orphan.
– a 3 year-old child who lost its mother G.T. (a teacher)

– a 13 year-old child who lost its mother A.B.(a teacher)

One of the children has a birthday today. The first birthday without dad. Be healthy, dear child! It’s our wish for you made with all our hearts!

We give thanks to all members of the Public Council who have also discussed the options to maintain the Fund. We’ll announce some of the ideas soon.

The meeting was attended by:
1. Kremena Kuneva – Chairwoman of “Za Dobroto” Foundation;
2. Svilena Georgieva – Executive Director of “Za Dobroto” Foundation;
3. Veselina Yordanova – Chairwoman of “BCause”Foundation;
4. Petar Velkov – pedagogue, mathematician, crisis management expert;
5. Dr. Tanya Andreeva – a pediatrician and children’s rheumatologist, children’s healthcare activist;
6. Nikola Rahnev – founder of;
7. Vesela Bikova of HPE Bulgaria in her capacity of a representative of the contributors.

Become a contributor to the Fund for the Children of Heroes:
text 17777 with the words „DMS GEROI”
or with a donation to the bank account of “Za Dobroto” Foundation:
Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD.
IBAN: BG91RZBB91551012773591
Reason: Fund for the Children of Heroes