The team


For The Good Foundation Is founded on 8 December 2020, but its activity started in 2019 as an informal civil initiative Project #For Good, which unites already over 12,000 volunteers and donors throughout the country, as well as Bulgarians living abroad. The causes on "For the Good" Foundation responds to public needs and deficits. We work conscientiously and transparently. We report every action to donors and the media during every campaign.

They are the founders of the foundation 8 women. They are and among the initiators of the national civil initiative "For a real children's hospital", which submitted a petition to the Bulgarian parliament for the construction of modern pediatrics according to the highest standards for children's health and treatment.

For The Good Foundation and Project #For The Good are winners of numerous awards for civil activism and protection of children's rights.

How did it all start?

Everyone in Bulgaria has experience with Bulgarian hospitals, but for us it started from our bitter experience as parents of child patients. Nearly four years ago, the daughter of Kremena Kuneva [co-founder and former member of the foundation, note ed.] had to spend time in the nephrology of the Sofia Pediatrics "Prof. Ivan Mitev". Then Kremena launched an appeal on social networks about the state of the department. Each of us joined the project with our personal cause and desire to change for the good of the children. Dozens of people responded, the department changed in a very short time. Polina Troyanova, artist and restorer, drawsseh the ward walls since Nephrology.

Shortly before that, Svilena Georgieva had been lying with her eldest son in the Infectious Disease Clinic in Plovdiv, and seeing what happened in Sofia, she said to herself that there was clearly a way to change the environment, and started a campaign there as well.

Nadia Rangelova and Dimitrina Spirova renovated the intensive care unit in Sofia Pediatrics. And so gradually with the inclusion of Zhana Nikolova, Vanya Karadjova and Mariela Tsekova - people we did not know each other at all - we managed to unite around a common cause - the change of the environment in children's hospitals. The rest was magic and energy that brought us together by accident.

That's how it all started - very personal.


Executive Director of the For Good Foundation

I am a mother of two children. I am a freelance journalist by profession. I participate in Project # for good, because I believe that my role as a citizen does not end with paying taxes. In one of the smart books it was written that people know each other not by their words, but by their deeds.


Member of the Board of the Foundation "For Good"

I am a mother of two boys and I have a wonderful family. My profession is a restorer, but this is also my way of thinking. Very often, when I see something, I imagine it in its best light. So it is with paintings and icons, and also with buildings and the care of children in hospitals. I joined Project # for Good because I believe in the power of doing things together. From that moment on, I got another family!


Member of the Board of the Foundation "For Good"

I am the mother of a wonderful wild daughter, for whom I dream to be a good example. I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for as long as I can remember. I have encountered many injustices, which I have a great intolerance for. Project #For Good gave me hope that I myself can be part of the change. I strongly believe that there should be an active civil society. I want to be a part of it!


Member of the Board of the Foundation "For Good"

I work with people and words - this is part of the profession of communication consultants. I appreciate good people and good stories. If you approach with patience and understanding, you can bring out the best in the other person and in yourself. I'm careful with words. With them you can find yourself or get lost. They predetermine our actions and our common life. "Good" is one of the words that find, collect, change and give us meaning.


Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the "For Good" Foundation

My energetic and extremely optimistic nature convinced me that an uncompromising spirit is my strongest point. I cannot, do not want and will not believe that children's health care in Bulgaria can remain at this level. I strongly believe that with small steps and persistence we will achieve change and build something better for our children - a safe, calm and positive environment during their stay in hospital facilities. I am a mother of two amazing children. I love children, nature and delicious food.


Member of the Board of the Foundation "For Good"

I am a creator at heart, mostly a photographer. Life blessed me with a wonderful family and two impressive children. About #For Good - fate knows its job. I believe that nothing is accidental. Doing good is invigorating, especially when you are part of such an inspiring team. Seeing your efforts change destinies is a privilege. Goodness is a longing for happiness, and I dream of seeing more happy faces!


Founder, Vice-Chairman and Member of the Board of the "For Good" Foundation

I am a mother of two girls. I have a small business and love meeting people. I joined the # project for good, because I see a sense in a person making an effort to change something and even if it is small, putting heart and soul into it.