We opened the Svetulka department in MOBAL Dr. Stefan Cherkezov, Veliko Tarnovo

the department that sets high standards for children's healthcare

The realized "Firefly" project in Veliko Tarnovo was solemnly opened on 27.02.24. Over BGN 600,000 were invested to turn the children's ward at MOBAL Dr. Stefan Cherkezov into a welcoming and modern medical space. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivanka Shalapatova, regional governor Ivaylo Zdravkov, deputies Dimitar Nikolov and Lyudmila Ilieva, deputy mayor Neiko Genchev and others.

The large-scale transformation took place thanks to our combined efforts with the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation and the Rotary Club - Veliko Tarnovo.

Svetulka renovated 17 rooms in the infant, toddler and adolescent sectors to create an environment that supports the healing process. The premises are equipped with modern equipment and furniture. The walls are decorated with drawings of fairy-tale characters. There is also a play area where sick children can communicate and maintain their social activity. It is this room that will be used to carry out the activities of the only preserved hospital school in the country. 

The doctor's and manipulation offices, the main entrance, the lobby and the reception office have been renovated. For the convenience of patients, there is now a waiting room with its own bathroom.

 photographer Nikolay Kolev

"Additional modern medical equipment has been provided. The department's patients average 2,000 per year. There is no government policy that can change people's lives if there is no good and civic activism. The maturity of a society is known by the way we care for the most vulnerable. If we are not united together, we cannot change Bulgaria. This whole transformation of the department in just 10 months means that you have a huge energy for change," Social Minister Ivanka Shalapatova said at the opening.

The director of the hospital, Dr. Daniel Iliev, said that he was proud and happy about the realization of the enormous project.

"I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the Foundation "For the Good" and "America for Bulgaria", which gave us the hope that we will carry out this project. Our hospital is not the perfect hospital, that's why we need a lot of support from the whole society. We have to move forward, because health care is security," stressed Dr. Iliev.

The children's ward has 31 beds. There is also a dedicated section with rooms that, if a new pandemic of the COVID type occurs, are equipped with oxygen and will allow the department to receive patients without disturbing the peace of others.

"We are now partners and friends, I am extremely impressed by what we have been able to achieve together. We believe that children, their families, as well as medical teams deserve quality health care in a supportive environment," said Nancy Schiller, president of America for Bulgaria.